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Fit Relief is an FDA approved pocket-sized smart device designed to give you a full-body workout tailored to you. Controlled through your smartphone, Fit Relief can strengthen muscles, treat pain, and speed up muscle recovery. You can even customize your workout intensity or switch between modes for the ultimate full-body experience.

Through the Fit Relief App, simply choose from various custom modes like fitness or pain relief. You can now tone and strengthen your muscles at your desired intensity and provide your body with increased blood flow, helping to optimize recovery from injuries and strains.

Your body is unique to you, so your workout should be customized to you. The Fit Relief app enables you to tailor everything from your workout type to the muscle groups you prefer to target. The Fit Relief app is also equipped with progress tracking, so you can remember your favorite treatments and workouts and track your progress in real-time as you gain strength and fitness.

Strengthen and tone the glutes, arms, and lower back with the Dual Arm/Leg Attachment. The attachment provides pain relief from neck, lower back, and abdominal pain. Designed to fit on various areas of the body, simply hook the attachment to the control head of the fit relief device, open the Fit Relief app, and customize your workout for results tailored to your bod