ABS NRG - Core Abs Training Revolution

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Tone and firm your abs any place without the time and energy of traditional crunches thanks to the ABS NRG ab training belt! All you need is 23 minutes per session and you can gain tighter abs and reduce the extra skin around your midsection using electronic muscle stimulation to make the muscles contract like they would during exercise. BENEFITS: Built a better core from anywhere No need for traditional crunches Each session is just 23 minutes Utilizes electronic muscle stimulation Muscles contract as they would during exercise You can wear it while doing virtually anything How to Use the ABS NRG EMS Ab Belt Simply apply the stick pads to each of the six zones on the EMS ab belt and place the belt on your stomach. Press the plus sign in the middle and choose the intensity for whatever works best for you. The EMS ab belt is pre-set to a 23-minute program with warm-up and cool-down. You can see the muscles contracting as the belt works. How many crunches would you have to do in 23 minutes?! Does the EMS Ab Belt Work? During a trial study, 100 percent of participants saw an increase in abdominal endurance and 58 percent saw an increase in abdominal strength and all of the participants felt their abs were more toned and firmed. You can even use it on other muscles like your thighs!