Wireless NRG

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Wireless NRG was designed to give you an enjoyable pain-free experience without the hassle of wires using EMS AND TENS technologies. Combine 2 proven technologies to ease your pain and strengthen your muscles at the same time.


  • FULL BODY PAIN RELIEF: Don't let pain hold you back from your favorite activities. eases common pain in your muscles, back, knees, elbow, joints & more.
  • 6 MODES OF MASSAGING: The TENS unit wireless feature allows you to place the pads on any muscle or joint and target your pain with 6 modes. Adjust the 20 intensities of pressure depending on your desired relief level.
  • DRUG FREE PAIN RELIEF: using tens technology to that relieves pain from injury, muscle soreness, fitness recovery or stiffness.
  • Increase muscle performance: using EMS technology.
  • WIRELESS & PORTABLE WITH STRONG BATTERY LIFE: compact and easy to take with you in your bag for pain relief on the go. You can depend on always having your portable muscle stimulator.
  • Remote control: control the device in the simplest way.



1 wireless device

1 remote control

2 pcs gel pads

1 charger with cord

1 user manual